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Imagine a world where every individual, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or background, is treated with respect and dignity. Our vision is to create a global community where people come together to alleviate suffering, foster understanding, and promote sustainable development. Through the collective efforts of our diverse team and supporters, we envision a world where unity is celebrated and differences are embraced.


The mission of Immigration Liberation is to help connect people who need help with people who want to help others.  We truly believe there are enough resources in this world that no human should be suffering and in need.  There are so many people that have more then enough and want to help others but don’t really know how because just giving money to a charity sometimes you really don’t know exactly what your money is being used for and how much of your donation might just be lining the pockets of the organization itself.  Others want to help others but do not have financial resources to do so but would gladly share their skills and talents with someone in need of them.  The goal is to match these people together and allow the person that gives to be able to communicate and confirm the money went to that need or put them in direct contact with each other for services, skills, or gifts. 

So why is this humanitarian non-profit named Immigration Liberation? Let’s start with the word immigration.  This is when a person is moving from their birth country to become a citizenship or to stay longer then just vacation in another country. So let’s broaden that to include all humans physical birth place is earth, but we can immigrate to becoming a citizen of the family of God, then you have a permanent eternal dwelling place.  Then you have true liberation and are truly set free without being bound by any physical qualities or religion.  Many people just take the words or book they have been told what to believe but do not study for themselves. They are afraid they will be an outcast if they explore outside of what their family or culture has taught them.  So they stay in a mental state of unanswered questions and acceptable lifestyle to those around them. Remember when no one else can help you or answer your questions, just call out to Jesus.  Jesus said there were 2 rules only, love God and love others. Our mission is designed to help you show your love to others in helping meet their needs.  Life on earth is short compared to eternity !! Plan for your future and help someone today !!